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Utilising our years of experience producing bespoke furniture for our clients we have developed the Facelift Collection - the perfect starting point for your dream piece. Every piece of furniture we produce is truly bespoke and fully customisable from fabrics to finishes.

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Our configurator brings ideas to life. See the different fabrics and finishes in context and start visualising how it might look in your home. We have picked our favourite fabrics for the configurator but you can also check out our fabric library for even more options.

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We create beautiful bespoke seating areas that are a perfect fit for your restaurant, pub, shop or salon

Whether you have an idea in mind for your bespoke seating area or just an empty space, we are on hand to help every step of the way.

Face Lift can manage the entire project, providing a complete design and build service for your bespoke seating area and we are also happy working with your existing design drawings.

Getting the perfect product doesn't always mean building from scratch. If you already have the seating area, we can reupholster/recover it to your exact requirements and give it a new lease of life.

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There are lots of things to consider when designing your seating area but height and depth are one of the most critical areas to get right. You want your customers to feel perfectly relaxed and comfortable when sitting on your bespoke seating area so they will stay as long as possible! Most dining chairs finish at a height of 50cm, which is universally standard. However, bar stools can be much higher, depending on the height of your bar. We will help guide you through the process with our expert knowledge of seating and help bring your design to life with the exact style, size, fabric and finish that you desire.

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Check out these room set examples for some great fabric pairing ideas

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Leather and Vinyls are a great choice for a seating area in a restaurant, pub, shop or salon due to their easy cleaning and they meet the strict fire regulations. However, with the emergence of Aqua Clean fabrics, it has changed the game for seating areas for these venues. Aqua Clean fabrics are a range of fabrics that wipe clean even the toughest of stains with just a wet cloth so make them ideal for a seating area that will endure high traffic. All of our leather, vinyls and Aqua Clean fabrics come in a vast range of colours and finishes so you’ll be sure to feel inspired and find something you love when you look through our library.

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Hospitality Seating Areas Projects

Things to consider when ordering your bespoke Hospitality Seating Areas:

  • Height – The height of your seating area is a very important factor for your customer’s comfort. Will the seating area be used for dining? The universal finish height of a dining seat is 50cm. However, this is dependant on where you want your seating area located and what its function will be.
  • Depth – The depth of your seating area is another very important factor for your customer’s comfort.
  • Fabric – Whether it be leather, vinyl or fabric - Make sure the fabric that you choose is the ideal choice for the seating area you have in mind. You want to make sure it stands the test of time and still looks beautiful.

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Whether you have something in mind or need inspiration, you can start the journey of creating your dream Hospitality Seating Areas by calling us on 07745 035278 or submitting an enquiry via the form below

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